Conservative and former diplomat Alan Lee Keyes argues that legalizing gay marriage will lead to a Communist regime and “the murder of the masses.”

Keyes, whose daughter is gay, made his comments during an interview with Stan Solomon.

“The aim is not compassion for homosexuals, respect for homosexuals and all of this,” Keyes said. “The aim in the mind of these hardheaded, calculating, leftist, Communist, totalitarians is to destroy the family and to establish the notion that once you have seized power there is no limit what you can do.”

“If you want to tolerate abuses then those abuses can be imposed upon the people. Once you establish that, the abuses are then not going to be confined to egregious outrages like this; those abuses are going to be committed against the whole society and they will in the end include the murder of the masses as has occurred in all Communist regimes that existed. That includes as well the expropriation of all property because if you don't respect the primordial God-endowed belongings that are associated with family life, then why on Earth would you be constrained to respect any other form of human property claim.” (The audio is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Commenting on Keyes' remarks, David Pakman simply said: “These are the rantings of a madman.”