After passing a gay marriage bill on Wednesday, New Zealand lawmakers joined onlookers in the parliament's public gallery in a rendition of the love song “Pokarekare Ana.”

According to the AP, the song was sung in the indigenous Maori language. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

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Several speeches ended in a standing ovation, including MP Louisa Wall's remarks to colleagues.

“In our society, the meaning of marriage is universal – it's a declaration of love and commitment to a special person,” the measure's openly gay sponsor said. Wall added that “nothing could make me more proud to be a New Zealander than passing this bill.”

MP Maurice Williamson, a member of the conservative National Party, delivered a colorful and powerful speech that went viral on YouTube.

“[O]ne of the messages I had was that this bill was the cause of our drought,” Williamson said. “Well, if any of you follow my Twitter account, you will see that in the Pakuranga electorate this morning it was pouring with rain. We had the most enormous big gay rainbow across my electorate.”

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The law is expected to take effect in August.