New Zealand MP Maurice Williamson's speech to parliament in support of gay marriage has become an Internet hit.

Williamson, a member of the conservative National Party, delivered his colorful and powerful speech just before parliament approved a measure making New Zealand the 14th nation to legalize such unions.

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“I have had a reverend in my local electorate call and say that the gay onslaught will start the day after this bill is passed,” Williamson told colleagues. “We are really struggling to know what the gay onslaught will look like. We do not know whether it will come down the Pakuranga Highway as a series of troops, or whether it will be a gas that flows over the electorate and blocks us all in.”

“I also heard some more disgusting claims about adoption. Well, I have got three fantastic adopted kids. I know how good adoption is, and I have found some of the claims just disgraceful. I found some of the bullying tactics really evil. I gave up being scared of bullies when I was at primary school.”

“I cannot understand why someone would be opposed. … But I give a promise to those people who are opposed to this bill right now. I give you a watertight guaranteed promise.”

“The sun will still rise tomorrow. Your teenage daughter will still argue back with you as if she knows everything. Your mortgage will not grow. You will not have skin diseases or rashes, or toads in your bed. The world will just carry on. So do not make this a big deal.”

“This bill is fantastic for the people it affects, but for the rest of us, life will go on.”

“Finally, can I say that one of the messages I had was that this bill was the cause of our drought – this bill was the cause of our drought.”

“Well, if any of you follow my Twitter account, you will see that in the Pakuranga electorate this morning it was pouring with rain. We had the most enormous big gay rainbow across my electorate.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Appearing on the program Firstline, Williamson said he was surprised by his new fame: “I feel a little bit like 'Gangnam Style.' Now what am I going to do for an encore?”