Olympic diving legend Greg Louganis discussed the rigors of HIV treatment in the 80s and his participation in the ABC reality show Splash during Thursday's episode of the web show Gwissues.

Louganis told host Howard Bragman that he does not know when he was infected but that he was diagnosed HIV positive “about 6 months prior to the 1988 Olympic games.”

“We've come so far, you know, with regards to HIV, because had anybody known my HIV status in '88 I never would have been able to go to Seoul, Korea, because they wouldn't have allowed me into the country,” Louganis said.

Louganis, who won two gold medals on both the springboard and platform in Seoul, added that early HIV treatment AZT was toxic.

“My [Breaking the Surface:The Greg Louganis Story] co-author Eric Marcus, he said, 'You'll never know what an accomplishment two Olympic gold medals on AZT actually is.'”

ABC reality show Splash hit the ratings jackpot when it debuted in March. On the show, 10 celebrities and semi-celebrities are coached on competitive diving by Louganis while Olympians Steve Foley and David Boudia judge the competitors.

“It's almost like diving becomes a metaphor for life. And taking that leap of faith and trust. And also that these guys are not out there by themselves and alone. They have us supporting them. And it's their journey,” he said of the competitors on the show. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)