Charlie Rogers, a former University of Nebraska basketball star, was sentenced Thursday for forging her own anti-gay attack.

Rogers, who was convicted of lying to police, was sentenced to a week in jail and two years' probation, the AP reported.

Fire fighters responded to a Lincoln house fire on an early Sunday morning last July after Rogers called for help from a neighbor's house. She told police that three masked men forced themselves into her home, attacked her, carved homophobic slurs into her body and set her house on fire.

Neighbor Linda Rappi told CNN that Rogers arrived at her home “naked, her hands were tied with zip ties. All I could see was a cut across her forehead and blood running down.”

Rogers reported the attack as Lincoln was debating a proposed ordinance that would have banned discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Prosecutors theorized that Rogers, who is gay, faked the attack to gain support for the proposed measure.

Judge Gale Pokorny said Rogers' plan “exploded in her face.”

“Ms. Rogers has single-handedly managed to do a disservice to her cause of enormous proportion,” Pokorny said. “For a long, long time to come, when a gay makes a legitimate complaint about unequal treatment or discrimination, there will be a knee-jerk reaction among many.”

Pokorny read a Facebook posting Rogers wrote four days before she called for help.

“So maybe I am too idealistic, but I believe way deep inside me that we can make things better for everyone. I will be a catalyst. I will do what it takes. I will. Watch me,” wrote Rogers.

Investigators said Rogers admitted to purchasing a box cutter and zip ties 5 days before the alleged incident. They also presented evidence she deleted numerous text messages from the date in question.

Rogers pleaded not guilty to making a false police report and continues to maintain that the attack did happen.