An Australian senator is expected to propose legislation which would recognize the international marriages of gay and lesbian couples.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said she would introduce the bill next month.

The move comes a day after nearby New Zealand approved a gay marriage bill.

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“Australia same-sex couples are now lining up to get married in New Zealand and the sad thing is they are not going to be recognized here,” Hanson-Young told ABC News 24. “They shouldn't have to leave their marriage at the customs gate. Let's recognize overseas marriage here in Australia.”

Despite polls showing a large majority (60%) of Australians support marriage equality, a marriage bill was defeated in parliament last year.

Shortly after Wednesday's vote in New Zealand, Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard, an opponent of marriage equality, said she was unmoved.

“I doubt we're going to end up agreeing,” she said.

New Zealand's law will take effect in August.