Robbie Rogers has said he's happy with his decision to retire from soccer after coming out gay.

The former U.S. Men's National Soccer Team member who last played for the UK's Leeds United team came out gay and announced his retirement from professional soccer in an online post in February.

Appearing on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, Rogers described his life before coming out.

“I was closeted. Never went to a gay bar. Never did any of that stuff,” Rogers said. “It was 25 years of not living the truth, not being 100 percent open with people.”

He added that he “felt like I couldn't play and come out.”

“I thought it would be too emotional for me, it would be a circus. I just thought it would be very difficult the impact on the team with the media showing up every day. … I'm glad I did it this way. I am happy.”

“If I go back, I want to go as a soccer player, not the gay soccer player,” he added.

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