Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan has predicted that gay rights victories will lead to mass civil disobedience among Christians.

After conceding that the “Christian view” “alienates millions” in an editorial Tuesday, Buchanan goes on to state that the real problem is the LGBT community pushing to have its “agenda written into law and fastened onto the nation.”

Such victories, Buchanan contends, would lead Christians to commit acts of civil disobedience.

“What happens if the gay rights movement, as it appears it may, succeeds politically on same-sex marriage, but many Christians refuse to recognize such unions and continue to declare that American society has become ungodly and immoral?” Buchanan wrote.

“Gay rights advocates often compare their cause to the civil rights struggle of half a century ago. But there is a fundamental difference.”

“When Martin Luther King Jr. called on the nation to 'live up to the meaning of its creed,' he heard an echo from a thousand pulpits. Treating black folks decently was consistent with what Christians had been taught. Dr. King was pushing against an open door.”

“Priests and pastors marched for civil rights. Others preached for civil rights. But if the gay rights agenda is imposed, we could have priests and pastors preaching not acceptance but principled rejection.”

He continued: “Imagine the situation in America today if priests and pastors were telling congregations they need not obey civil rights laws. They would be denounced as racists. Church tax exemptions would be in peril.”

“Something akin to this could be in the cards if the homosexual rights movement is victorious – public rejection of the new laws by millions and a refusal by many to respect or obey them.”

“The culture war in America today may be seen as squabbles in a day-care center compared to what is coming. A new era of civil disobedience may be at hand.”