Julie Chen and Larry King believe gay marriage will be legal in the United States in less than four years.

Chen, the host of the CBS reality TV program Big Brother and a co-host of the CBS daytime talk show The Talk, made the prediction during an interview with King on Larry King Now.

“The Supreme Court currently is talking two major issues: Gay marriage and the protection in marriage law which [President Bill] Clinton signed and now is against. What are your views? Or how do you think it's going to go?” King asked.

“I think gay marriage will become legal in this country in a matter of less than four years,” Chen answered.

“I agree,” King said. “The flow is coming, right?”

“The flow is coming. I mean, it is not fair. If I am a homosexual and I have, by all accounts, what is a marriage with my female partner, we have children together. If one person dies, if I die, the house, the kids they can go to my family. My spouse, my wife, may not have rights to my benefits, my house, raising our kids.”

“That is not fair,” she added.

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