Opponents of a proposed gay marriage bill in Minnesota are traveling around the state this weekend to rally against the measure.

On Friday, Minnesota for Marriage held an outdoor rally in Hinckley. They traveled to three rural cities on Saturday: Duluth, Grand Rapids and Brainerd. Sunday's schedule includes stops in Detroit Lakes and Morris.

“With the metro area and gay 'marriage' lobbyists trying to force gay 'marriage' on the majority of Minnesotans who want our state's marriage law left as it is, we are ready to help Minnesotans around the state connect with their legislators in St. Paul,” the group's director of grassroots, Crystal Crocker, said in a statement.

Its rally in Duluth was held outside Mount of Olives Baptist Church. Holding up pink signs which read “Don't Erase Moms And Dads From MN Public Policy,” the crowd heard from a number of speakers.

“What we're doing is we're connecting with people out in greater Minnesota, urging them to contact their representatives or senators and urge them to vote no on this bill,” Minnesota for Marriage spokesperson Autumn Leva said.

An additional five rallies are scheduled for next weekend.

The proposed bill has cleared legislative panels in the Minnesota House and Senate and awaits action in both chambers.

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