The National Organization for Marriage's (NOM) Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance on Friday released a video in which a former Canadian educator warned that the legalization of gay marriage would lead to schools teaching that boys could marry boys.

Phil Lees, the founder of Public Education Advocates for Christian Equity (PEACE), a group opposed to gay-inclusive schools, said that Canada's marriage law clashes with the values of “traditional principled faith families.”

“The last 15, 16 years, I've noticed that curriculum started coming into the schools that was somewhat challenging and in conflict with the values of, we'll say, traditional principled faith families,” Lees said in the 4-minute video. “The change was extremely fast. By 2006, 18 school boards in the province of Ontario implemented sexual orientation policies mandating curriculum that affirms LGBT values.”

As an example, Lees said that a third-grade boy married another boy at school.

Lees explained that the boy told his mother, “Today, I married my best friend, Jimmy.”

“And the mother said, 'How did that happen?' 'Well, today we had somebody come in and talk about marriage, about same-sex marriage, and the teacher thought it was a good idea that we all decide to choose someone that we think we would like to marry. And in the classroom, we had a marriage ceremony. And we even had a person come in who looked like a minister do a ceremony. And then afterward, we had cake and ice cream.'”

“If same-sex marriage is passed in your state, your children, your grandchildren will be exposed to the same kinds of instruction. … One of the problems in Ontario is the people of faith withdrew from the system. And when you withdraw from the system … other values come in.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Lees, also the leader of the Family Coalition Party (FCP), has previously recounted the same story while testifying against bills throughout Ontario.