Jose Fernando Emilio “Fher” Olvera, frontman for the Mexican rock band Mana, has endorsed gay marriage as a matter of justice.

“Full recognition for same-sex couples is not just a question of equality, it is also a matter of justice. Today there are places where these expressions of love cause confrontation. But the potential for love is a human right and a legitimate way to pursue happiness,” the 53-year-old Olvera wrote in a Facebook post.

“Our freedom to choose is protected by free will. When a human being loves another honestly and responsibly with true surrender, there is no impurity. We transcend when we love our neighbor, when we are able to give and love even until it hurts. Loving ourselves and loving others is the only possible way to live in harmony. Peace, like Benito Juarez said, is the result of the respect for the rights of others. No to discrimination, yes to tolerance. No to indifference, yes to respect. No to prejudice, yes to understanding.”