Janet Mock, Diego Sanchez and Allyson Robinson are among the people who made the inaugural Trans 100 list.

Mock, an online editor for People.com, came out transgender in a 2011 It Gets Better video. Sanchez in 2010 became the first openly transgender Capitol Hill staffer. Robinson is the first executive director of OutServe-SLDN, a group which represents LGBT service members.

Compiled by We Happy Trans, This is HOW and GLAAD, the Trans 100 list focuses on positive work being accomplished by trans people nationwide.

The list was unveiled at an event at Chicago House.

“The only sustainable self-interest is that which extends the sense of self to include the whole,” said Jen Richards of We Are Happy Trans at the launch event. “Look around: Women, men, people of color, genderqueer people, crossdressers, showgirls, sex workers, academics, activists, artists and allies. We are all one community.”

Mock added: “I am here tonight because of the 99 other names on the inaugural Trans 100 list and the unrecognized thousands who are not on the list whose quiet acts are changing lives. They are the dream realized.”

Included in the Trans 100 list are: Abigail Jensen, Aidan Key, Alexis Martinez, Allyson Robinson, Andre Perez, Andy Karol, Andy Marra, Anna Anthropy, Asher Kolieboi, Avory Faucette, Bamby Salcedo, Baylie Roth, Ben Hudson, Blake Alford, Bree Sutherland, Carter Brown, Cecilia Chung, Channyn Lynne Parker, Charlie Solidum, Che Gossett, Christina Kahrl, Cristina Herrera, Claire Swinford, Diego Sanchez, Drago Renteria, Dru Levasseur, Earline Budd, Eli Erlick, Ellie June Navidson, Elliot Fukui, Erin Armstrong, Harmony Santana, Harper Jean Tobin, Ida Hammer, Ignacio Rivera, Ja-briel Walthour, Jaan Williams, Janet Mock, Jenn Burleton, Jenny Boylan, Justus Eisfeld, Kate Bornstein, Kate Sosin, Katherine Cross, Katie Burgess, Katy Stewart, Kay Barrett, Kelley Winters, KOKUMO, Dr. Kortney, Ryan Ziegler, Kylar Broadus, Laverne Cox, Lincoln Rose, Loan Tran, Mara Keisling, Marisa Richmond, Marsha Botzer, Masen Davis, Matt Kailey, Mel Goodwin, Mia Tu Mutch, Michelle Enfield, Miss Major Griffin-Gacy, Monica Roberts, Monika Mhz, Namoli Brennet, Nicholas Love, Nick Teich, Niko Kowell, Nino Dorenzo, Ola Osaze, Owen Daniel-McCarter, Paisley Currah, Pauline Park, Phyllis Frye, Qwo-Li Driskill, Rebecca Allison, Rebecca Kling, Reina Gossett, Ruby Corado, Ryan Blackhawke, Ryka Aoki, S. Bear Bergman, Sadie Baker, Sasha Alexander Goldberg, Sassafras Lowrey, Sean-Michael Gettys, Shane Morgan, Shawn Demmons, Spencer Bergstedt, Stephen Ira, Susan Stryker, Tei Okamato, Tracie O'Brien, Trisha Lee Holloway, Trudie Jackson, Van Binfa, Van Ngyuen, Yoseñio V. Lewis, Zander Keig.