Conservative Doug Powers has compared an MSNBC segment featuring a mother talking to her daughter about gay marriage to “child abuse.”

In the segment, The Cycle co-host Krystal Ball discusses who can marry with Ella, her 5-year-old daughter.

“What if you were in love with a girl?” Ball asks. “Could you marry a girl?”

“Only here I can marry a girl,” Ella answers.

“Here in New York you can marry a girl,” Ball prods.

“Yes, 'cause girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys in New York. And a girl can marry a boy in New York, too.”

“And that's good because you want people to be able to marry who they're in love with, right?”

“Yeah,” Ella responds.

Ella also agrees with her mother who says that it's “crazy” that other states do not allow marriage equality.

“Flip the subject being pushed on the little girl to something like pro-life values and MSNBC would be reporting it as child abuse,” Powers wrote on Michelle Malkin's blog. “I'll say this much: At least in this example it's her own kid instead of a room full of other people's children.”

The conservative blog Liberty Unyielding also criticized Ball, saying she was exploiting her own daughter.

(Watch the entire segment at MSNBC.)