France's ruling Socialist Party on Friday added red equality avatars to their social media accounts as the Senate debates a proposed bill which seeks to legalize marriage and adoption for gay and lesbian couples.

The avatars feature an equal sign and hand holding a red rose. They were added to the party's Facebook page and Twitter account.

“On the occasion of the resumption of the debate in the Senate on marriage for all, the Facebook page of the PS wears the logo 'Equality for All,” the party announced on Facebook.

The French Senate on Thursday began its debate on the measure, two months after the bill cleared the lower house of parliament, the National Assembly.

On Friday, senators narrowly (176-164) defeated a motion that sought to put the issue before voters.

Meanwhile, the debate in the streets of Paris continued, with supporters and opponents holding rallies.

“If a law passes containing the words 'marriage for same-sex couples,' then there will be artificial reproductive technologies,” an opponent told the UK's The Guardian. “I don't want this law because it's a lie. It's a law that distorts ancestry, it's a law that weakens links.”