Tempe, Arizona is considering an ordinance which seeks to recognize gay and lesbian couples with civil unions.

According to The Arizona Republic, the Tempe City Council discussed the proposal at its private executive session on Thursday.

The move comes after Bisbee, Arizona, a small former mining community-turned-artist's haven of 5,600 people, defied Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne to become the first city in Arizona to legalize such unions.

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Tempe Councilman Kolby Granville, a Democrat, asked for the council executive session on civil unions.

“Tempe tends to be a leader in issues of civil rights,” Granville told the paper. “And, to me, equality based on sexual orientation is one of those very same civil rights.”

“History is on my side on this one, or it certainly will be,” he said.

Granville, who is straight, said he would prefer marriage for gay couples over civil unions. However, that option is blocked by a 2008 voter-approved amendment to the Arizona Constitution which defines marriage as a heterosexual union.

Colorado lawmakers recently approved civil unions despite having a state amendment banning gay marriage.

Opponents of marriage equality believe civil unions violate such amendments.