Matt Damon and Michael Douglas are seen sharing a romantic bath in a trailer for an upcoming film based on the life of Liberace.

Damon plays Scott Thorson opposite Douglas as Liberace in HBO's Behind the Candelabra: The Secret Life of Liberace, set to premiere on Sunday, May 26 on the pay cable network.

In the trailer, Thorson and Liberace can be seen clinking glasses of champagne while seated in an oversized bathtub. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

While that is the most intimate look we get in the trailer, other reports indicate that the movie has plenty of sex.

“Damon and Douglas both say that shooting a moment of passion is always awkward, no matter who's involved,” Entertainment Weekly wrote.

“The scene where I'm behind him and going at him, we did that in one take,” Damon told the magazine with a laugh. “We do it. Cut. There's a long pause. And then you just hear [Director] Steve [Soderbergh] go, 'Well … I have no notes.'”