North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows has warned of a “constitutional crisis” if the Supreme Court rules for gay marriage.

The high court this week heard oral arguments in two cases related to marriage equality.

During an appearance on The Steve Deace Show, Meadows, a Republican, warned that our government would be in “dire straits” if the Supreme Court found a constitutional right for gay and lesbian couples to marry.

“It's a huge invasion into state' rights and the state definition of marriage, whether you call it traditional or natural marriage. I call it marriage, you know, it's between one man and one woman, period,” Meadows said on the program.

“What happens if the court decides that they are their own constitutional convention without any recourse at all, what happens?” Deace asked.

“Well, I mean, obviously we start to have a constitutional crisis,” Meadows answered.

“We've already seen some of that with the executive branch saying that they're not going to enforce certain laws. I think it was Justice Scalia that brought this out in the last couple of days is when you get an executive branch that starts to decide what's constitutional and what's not and what they're going to enforce and what they're not, they're usurping the authority of Congress and that's the representative form of government and we can't stand for that. As a people, we can't stand for that. So we need to stand up and make sure that our voice is heard.”