As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday in a case challenging the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a man dressed as Captain America told a reporter outside the courtroom that he was there to fight “against the enemies of freedom and liberty.”

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When asked, “Who are the enemies of freedom and liberty?” he answered: “Anybody who wants to take family values, Christian values [and] the American Constitution straight down the toilet.”

“So, I guess you're anti-same sex marriage?” the Guardian reporter asked.


When pressed why liberty and freedom did not extend to gay people, the Captain America wannabe answered: “They can go screw a knothole in a fence, for all I care. But that's basically what they are doing.”

“You don't think equality should involve, and liberty, should involve letting people do what they want in terms of getting married?”

“In my life, I've had five or six or seven problems with gay people just bothering me and not leaving me alone,” a somber Captain America said. “I'm a father of four. I got to do something. I got to put my foot down. America has to stand for something or we stand for nothing.”

“How have gay people bothered you in the past?”

“I gotta go. Take care,” the ersatz Captain America replied as he wandered away waving a giant American flag. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library more videos.)