Ohio Senator Rob Portman's son, Will Portman, had said his parents were “rock-solid supportive” of him when he came out gay.

Rob Portman has credited his son's coming out for his recent change of heart on the issue of gay marriage.

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Will Portman, a junior at Yale University, wrote in an op-ed that during his freshman year he decided to come out to family and friends.

“I made some good friends that first semester, took a couple of interesting classes and got involved in a few rewarding activities,” he wrote in an op-ed for the Yale Daily News. “My dad won his election. On the surface, things looked like they were going well. But the truth was, I wasn't happy.”

After much soul-searching and a failed in-person attempt, Portman overnighted a letter to his parents.

“They called as soon as they go the letter. They were surprised to learn I was gay, and full of questions, but absolutely rock-solid supportive. That was the beginning of the end of feeling ashamed about who I was.”

“I hope that my dad's announcement and our family's story will have a positive impact on anyone who is closeted and afraid, and questioning whether there's something wrong with them. I've been there. If you're there now, please know that things really do get better, and they will for you too,” he concluded.