Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo said Sunday that he and several colleagues are “laying the foundation” for an NFL player to come out.

Appearing on CBS' Face the Nation, moderator Bob Schieffer asked Ayanbadejo, “Would a gay person feel comfortable in coming out, as it were, if he were a football player in the NFL?”

“Yes, I think so,” Ayanbadejo answered.

“If you go back three or four years ago, people were a lot more harsh. And this issue really wasn't talked about. It was a little bit swept under the rug. Now, we're trying to bring this issue to the forefront and I'm preparing and Chris Kluwe and Scott Fujita, we're all preparing and laying a foundation for the athlete, our Jackie Robinson, that does come out, that he'll feel comfortable, he'll have a support group around him. And it seems like the San Francisco 49ers with the It Gets Better campaign that they did and also with the Baltimore Ravens, the announcing discrimination, I think we're laying the foundation for a player to be comfortable in 2013 to come out, if he is ready to do so,” he said.

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