Nancy Heche on Thursday explained that gay people appear to be different because they are trying to conform to the norms of the gay community.

Nancy Heche is the mother of actress Anne Heche, who broke up with Ellen DeGeneres in 2000 and is currently married to James Tupper.

Appearing on Janet Parshall's radio show, Nancy Heche, the author of The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality, in which she asserts that being gay is a choice, challenged a caller's assertion that he doesn't consider being gay to be an “emotional or choice-oriented kind of decision.”

“Their behavior doesn't seem to be affected, it seems to be genuine. And it seems that they are compelled to be this way,” the caller said. “I don't know if it's hormonal differences or whatever chemical differences in the endocrine system in the body that affect the brain and the body but there is something going on that's more than just emotional or choice-oriented kind of decisions that these people make.”

“What I think is that oftentimes once one associates herself or himself with a gay community or a gay fellowship group they settle in and want to make a distinction from others – others in the heterosexual world – they want to make a distinction and a statement about who they are,” Heche explained. “I'm just saying this might be 1 percent of the people you're talking about or 99 percent. But sometimes I think people make a point to adapt and adopt to the community that they are associating with. It's kind of like this when teenage girls start wearing makeup then they all want to wear makeup and if the in-group is wearing frilly skirts and ruffle t-shirts then everybody is going to wear a ruffle t-shirt. That might be very oversimplifying it but I think it is maybe a tiny explanation for a small group of people that you're talking about. Does that make sense? Do you understand what I’m saying?”