A male gay couple became the first to marry in the Mexican state of Colima on February 27.

The men, both 30, married in the town of Cuauhtemoc, CNNMexico reported.

Two additional gay couples are set to marry and seven couples have also filed a formal request, said the town's mayor, Indira Vizcaino Silva.

“We decided not to discriminate and to fulfill the obligation we have as a municipal authority not to deny services on the grounds of sexual diversity,” Vizcaino said, citing a recent Mexico Supreme Court ruling which struck down state laws prohibiting gay couples from marrying.

Unlike the United States Supreme Court, Mexico's highest court cannot strike down laws nationwide.

Mexico City, a federal district much like the District of Columbia, is the only municipality in the nation which has legalized marriage for gay couples. It did so in 2009.

Colima's state constitution defines marriage as a heterosexual union, and state authorities have said that such unions are not legal. However, local authorities have not taken any legal action to prevent them.