Thomas Peters of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) says gay marriage foes will eventually prevail because the human heart knows such unions are wrong.

Appearing on Monday's episode of Wallbuilders Live, Peters discussed how opponent would win the debate.

“I'd say that the two big steps to getting to that message, of course, are fighting against the intolerance and hatred that is directed against us, especially in schools,” Peters said. “You have a lot of pro-marriage people my age and younger in schools right now and they don't feel safe right now in sharing their pro-marriage convictions on that vast majority of college and high school campuses. That is something that has got to end. We've got to figure out how to break down this ostracizing of pro-marriage viewpoints.”

“And second of all, we have to continually talk to people about how being pro-marriage is not anti-gay and that there is simply nothing discriminatory about seeing the love of a man and a woman as unique and special and worth protecting.”

“Marriage just speaks to the human heart and no matter how much propaganda you try to throw at that, the human heart always reestablishes what it knows to be true. And we just know it's true that there is a difference between two men coming together and a man and a woman coming together. And so I think that is the core message of marriage that eventually will overcome. The question is how many people in the meantime are confused, how many people lose out on that saving message.”