Conservative commentator George Will on Sunday reiterated his belief that gay marriage is a generational issue.

During an ABC This Week panel discussion on the repercussions of Ohio Senator Rob Portman's recent shift on marriage equality, Will stated that Portman will not be the last Republican to buck the party's official stance.

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“He will not be the last,” Will said. “Because the demographic tide here is large, powerful and execrable. As I've said on this program before: Opposition to gay marriage is literally dying. It's an older demographic.”

“And if you raise the question among young people, they're not interested. And I dare say this is one of the good things about CPAC, because you saw at CPAC this was another division and again a healthy one. It's largely young people [who] attend CPAC and this is not at the top of their agenda. It's not even on their agenda.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Republican Governor Scott Walker in an appearance on NBC's Meet The Press agreed, saying that for young Republicans marriage equality is not an issue.

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