Two prominent Republicans, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, have weighed in on Ohio Senator Rob Portman's sudden shift on gay marriage.

Portman, a Republican, on Friday announced that he had reversed his stance on the issue, revealing that his son, Will Portman, had come out to him and his wife two years earlier. Portman is the first GOP senator to buck the party's official stance.

In an op-ed and later in a sit down with CNN, Portman added that he was not prepared to advocate on the issue. A critical point, considering marriage equality advocates are working to repeal Ohio's amendment defining marriage as a heterosexual union.

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Santorum and Gingrich used similar analogies in discussing Portman's new stance.

“I think when you have somebody in your immediate family who comes [out], you have three choices: You can say, 'I believe in my principals so much I'm kicking you out,' you can say, 'I still believe in my principals but I love you,' or you can say, 'Gee, I love you so much, I'm changing my principals,'” Gingrich said on CNN.

“Rob picked the third path. That's his prerogative. I'm not going to second guess him.”

Santorum told CNN from CPAC: “We all actually do things that don't actually measure up to what you think you should do. And we can adjust our bar and say, 'We're just going to change the bar.' And we're going to say that the things that we didn't think we now do and it's okay. Or we can keep the bar where it is, because that's where it should be. And try and say, 'You know what,we fall short.'”

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