Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan on Wednesday said a gay marriage bill remains 12 votes shy of passage in the House.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Madigan responded to questions on where the bill stood in the House by saying, “Yes, it's 12 votes short of passage.”

The measure cleared the Illinois Senate last month. Democratic Governor Pat Quinn has publicly stated his support for making Illinois the 10th state to legalize such unions.

Representative Greg Harris, an openly gay Democrat from Chicago and the bill's champion in the House, said he believes the count is “a bit closer” than 12 votes.

“I have not spoken to the speaker so I don't know what assumptions he's using,” Harris told the paper. “Obviously, you would need to talk to him about that. But when we put it up on the board, we're going to have 60 votes and it's going to pass because this is what the majority of people in the state of Illinois believe [is] the right thing to do.”

Harris said he would not call the measure for a vote this week.