After passage through two legislative panels in one day, a gay marriage bill in Minnesota is headed to the full House and Senate.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the measure with a 5-3 vote, followed by the House Civil Law Committee with a 10-7 vote.

Many of the witnesses testified before both committees.

The issue of marriage equality has returned to the Minnesota Capitol four months after voters in the state became the first to reject an amendment which sought to define marriage as a heterosexual union.

Opponents testifying at the hearing argued that supporters were confusing opposition to the amendment with support for marriage equality.

Pastor Gus Booth told lawmakers that voters were “sold a false bill of goods.”

“In fact it didn't take more than a month before the mask was pulled off and we learned that the real objective was to defeat the amendment and then to force gay marriage on all Minnesotans,” Booth testified.

While Democrats control both chambers and Democratic Governor Mark Dayton is a supporter, the bill's potential for passage in either chamber remains uncertain.