Singer Dido has said that she recognized that she had a gay following “pretty instantly.”

In an interview with Michigan gay weekly Between The Lines, Dido, 41, discusses her first studio album in five years.

Girl Who Got Away will be released on March 26.

According to the British singer, the “girl who got away” in the title track was her brother.

“[M]y brother [Rollo Armstrong] is the 'girl who got away,' and he wrote most of those lyrics,” said Dido.

When asked, “There's some gender-bending going on there?” Dido answered with a laugh, “Definitely!”

“I love that song,” Dido continued. “He sent me the lyrics and I just remember reading it thinking, 'I love this song.' It's about so many things: about how I used to feel, that sort of restless feeling, that feeling of maybe there's another life somewhere and that feeling of wanting to be exceptional but not quite reaching it. It's my favorite song. But then, as far as the title of the album, it's also about everyone reaching out to me [saying] that I keep disappearing, and it was quite a good comment on that. I don't think I was disappearing, but everyone else thought so.”

On when she recognized she had a gay following, Dido stated: “Pretty instantly, I would say. I've always had a very loyal gay following, which I'm very thankful for.”