Often politicians tell you what you want hear. Log Cabin Republicans in California heard exactly what they wanted to hear this week from their governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger told the group of gay Republicans that he would fight efforts to amend the California Constitution to ban gay marriage. This from the man who vetoed the only gay marriage bill in America not imposed by a court order. Maybe Log Cabin Republicans are willing to give the Governator the benefit of the doubt, but I'm holding out for some real Hollywood-style pro-gay fighting, Arnie.

I'm going to film your sweet self in various locations and turn you into an overnight YouTube star, or just take the naked footage and sell it to cheap porn mags. Keep reading to find out which.

I told you that, so I could tell you this: Sally Kern also told an audience of PFLAG members what they wanted to hear. She then quickly denied her own words. Sally Kern, as you may recall, is the lawmaker whose recently revealed anti-gay speech was posted on YouTube by The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. In a meeting with PFLAG, a group devoted to supporting GLBT people, she told them she supports efforts to end job discrimination based on sexual orientation. The Republican lawmaker then quickly denied she had agreed with PFLAG on the issue. Lucky for PFLAG they had her on tape and decided to release the audio clip. Now, what says you Sally?

A Democrat who could use some help right now is Christine Quinn. Out lesbian Quinn had been widely viewed as having a shot at becoming New York's first female mayor. But fallout from a slush fund probe will likely complicate her campaign hopes. Quinn, who has often spoken on government transparency, this week admitted that under her leadership the city council has appropriated some $17.4 million dollars since 2001 to groups that didn't exist.

I wanted to thank everyone reading this column. I'm told The Gay Slant is number one on Google's keyword search “The Gay Slant.” Now, I have no idea what that all means, but who doesn't love being number one. This picture kinda illustrates how I'm feeling.

It was our own Gay Entertainment Report that brought us news of gay horror flicks and shows. Gay horror? That's just ripe for the picking for the political right blogosphere.

It's not everyday that we encounter blatant homophobia, Sally Kern being an exception, in the USA. It is then always shocking to hear of GLBT people being sentenced for their sexual orientation. But such is the case in Egypt, and about 84 countries throughout the world according to the United Nations, where homosexuality is a crime. This week, Egypt sentenced five men to three years in prison for “homosexual behavior.” Their lawyer claims the men were tortured for months to “extract confessions” from them.

In another part of the forest, Singapore has banned A Jihad For Love from playing at a film festival. The filmmaker has been here before. While making the movie, Indian director Parvez Sharma often had to smuggle his film and crew to avoid the authorities. A Jihad For Love documents the lives, more to the point the bleak lives, of gays in Muslim countries.

Can you give me some bon mots? Ms McAdam writes, “Whenever you say a sentence you use three things: a noun, a verb and your godamn bons mots!” I’m over asking her.

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