Linda Harvey has called on Christians and churches to fight against gay rights like they did slavery.

Harvey, the founder of the Columbus, Ohio-based Mission America and a frequent contributor to the conservative website, stated Monday on her radio show that “homosexuality is ripping apart people's lives and families” in calling for Christians and churches to fight against it like they did slavery.

“Many of us watch in dismay as younger and younger children are told that homosexuality is a right for some people,” Harvey told her audience. “Our church youth groups are busy with paintball and trips to amusement parks but doing relatively little to equip our children to apply the word of God to this current debate. How corrupted do children have to get before adults will cry out and say: No more. I hear people saying, 'Well we don't want to get into politics.' Strangely that objection is only raised when the subject is abortion or homosexuality, yet there is nothing wrong with Christians and even churches getting involved in a political issue. People of conviction do it all the time. Hundreds of the more liberal churches are very outspoken about how to use government dollars for entitlement programs, for instance. Abolishing slavery, wasn't that politics? Didn't Christians like William Wilberforce rise up and fight in the political realm two centuries ago to do what was right? They were called extremists then too. But actually no, this is not only about politics. Homosexuality is ripping apart people’s lives and families. I can't tell you how many sad tales I've heard from people who've seen the destructive effects of homosexual behavior in the life of a son, a daughter, a brother or a sister. The first battleground of ideas is one's own mind. We need to equip our kids to stand firm in their convictions and know how to defend them.”