Jesse Tyler Ferguson says he was flattered by an online article describing him as a cougar.

Ferguson, who portrays Mitchell Pritchett on the ABC comedy Modern Family, got engaged in July to his lawyer fiance Justin Mikita.

Appearing on Anderson Live, Ferguson told host Anderson Cooper that because he will be working over the summer and Mikita will be traveling he is not expecting much in terms of a bachelor party.

“I'm going to be like at a bar at the Upper West Side maybe with a friend for my bachelor party, like after rehearsal [for a summer production of Shakespeare in the Park],” Ferguson joked.

On being described as a cougar, Ferguson said that he “took it as a compliment.”

“Because cougars I know are hot,” he said. “So, if that means I'm a hottie ...” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)