Less Than two weeks after suggesting that Pope Benedict XVI could be gay, Daily Dish blogger Andrew Sullivan says many of the cardinals picking the next pope are secretly gay.

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Sullivan made his remarks during an appearance on The Chris Matthews Show.

Pointing to a Quinnipiac University poll which found that 54 percent of Catholics favor gay marriage, host Chris Matthews asked his Sunday panel to comment on shifting attitudes among Catholics.

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“The pervasive things Americans believe is libertarianism,” answered The Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. “'Don't tread on me' is our national motto, whether you're Republican [or] Democrat.”

Turning to Sullivan, Matthews asked what impact majority support for marriage equality among American Catholics would have on the selection of the next pope.

“Zip,” Sullivan responded. “I mean, there are so many gays electing the next pope that who knows whether that would happen.”

“You mean the cardinals?” Matthews asked.

“Yes,” Sullivan answered.

“I think the most interesting thing about that poll is that there is one – all Christian denominations now favor this except one: White evangelicals, who oppose it by still [a] massive margin, over 75 percent. That is your Republican base. They cannot compromise on this. And that issue is going to kill them, as it is killing the church,” he continued.