Cameron Myers Milne, an 11 year old who has two moms, wrote to all 9 Supreme Court justices and President Barack Obama to let them know she's doing great.

Cameron, a sixth grade student in North Carolina, said she was inspired to write to the justices by her parents, who have protested passage of a North Carolina amendment which defines marriage as a heterosexual union.

“I was inspired by my parents to make an effort and do something,” Cameron said.

The Wilson Times reported that Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the court's first Hispanic justice, included a signed portrait along with her response to Cameron.

“I really was surprise,” Cameron said of receiving Sotomayor's letter. “I hadn't expected someone so high up to respond to a letter like that.”

The Supreme Court is expected to hear two cases later this month related gay marriage. One case challenging Proposition 8, California's voter-approved marriage ban, could effect North Carolina, if the court strikes down all such amendments.

In her letter, Cameron told the justices that she wants her parents' New York marriage to be recognized in her home state.

“Please look at our photos and think of us when you make decisions based on gay rights,” she wrote. “We are a family. I am very proud of my parents and I hope you understand how your decision will affect my family.”

“If you have any concerns about the welfare of kids of gay parents, I can tell you that I am doing great. I am so loved. Everybody I know tells me I am such a lucky kid. My parents are my life. They quiz me before tests and make sure that I am doing well in school.”

Sotomayor replied that she could not comment on the cases but thanked Cameron for sharing her story.

“I know dreams can come true when you work hard to achieve them,” Sotomayor wrote. “I wish you the joy of dreaming big, working hard and succeeding in all that you do.”