Adam Lambert on Friday responded to criticism that he should not have been allowed to perform at a Singapore venue owned by a church.

More than an hour into his 90-minute performance at the Star Vista Performing Arts Center (The Star PAC) theatre in Star Vista, the openly gay Lambert hit back at his critics.

“Someone asked me in an interview, 'Are you promoting a certain lifestyle?'” Lambert told an audience estimated at 4,500. “My answer was, 'The only lifestyle I am promoting is one of love and friendship, music, joy and fashion.' So whoever wants to be part of that lifestyle, yeah, we accept anybody.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

The controversy erupted last week after a compliant was reportedly filed to the National Council of Churches (NCCS), which represents more than 200 churches in Singapore. The center is fully owned by Rock Productions, the business arm of the New Creation Church (NCC), a member of NCCS.

Yahoo! Entertainment Singapore praised Lambert's performance: “The control and poise of his soaring, multi-octave vocal range that took him all the way to the final of Idol season 8 was breath-taking, and it was clear for all to see that the eye-lined glam rocker has grown leaps and bounds as an entertainer since his TV debut.”