Music producer Clive Davis has said he supports gay marriage but is not interested in a third marriage.

Davis, 80, came out bisexual in his recently released memoir The Soundtrack of My Life.

In an appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, Davis, who is credited with bringing Whitney Houston to prominence, told host Piers Morgan that “bisexuality does exist.”

“I found that the attitude in general toward bisexuality is you're either gay, you're straight or you're lying. To me, it's not been that case. Maybe, this is just a part of my life, and I wouldn't have written the autobiography without disclosing that, maybe some good will come of it.”

“I've always suspected that people who say they're bisexual, the celebrities I've seen who've said it, probably are gay,” Morgan stated.

“With a healthy degree of skepticism, I'm here to say that bisexuality does exist. … I turned to it after my second marriage failed. And I dated women. And I dated a few men. And I ended up in a relationship with a man.”

When asked if he planned to marry, Davis responded: “I've been married twice. That's enough for me. … I've been there.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Davis is currently the chief creative officer of Sony Music Entertainment.