A bill which seeks to legalize gay marriage in Minnesota is expected to clear legislative committees in the House and Senate next week.

At a press conference last week at the Minnesota State Capitol, Representative Karen Clark and Senator Scott Dibble, the measure's champions in the House and Senate respectively, unveiled the long-expected bill which seeks to make Minnesota the 10th state to legalize marriage equality.

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Committees in the House and Senate will consider the proposal on Tuesday, March 12.

The AP reported that the bill enjoys the support of 9 lawmakers in the 17-member House Civil Law Committee, making its passage highly likely.

Four Senate Judiciary Committee members have pledged a yes vote on the bill. A needed fifth vote is expected to come from Democratic Senator Barb Goodwin of Columbia Heights, who supports marriage equality but has said she is uncomfortable with the speed at which it is moving through the Legislature. Dibble, the bill's champion in the Senate, has said he's confident Goodwin is a yes vote.

All the confirmed affirmative votes come from Democrats.

The measure received its first GOP endorsement last month from Minnesota State Senator Branden Petersen.

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