A plurality of Texas voters support gay marriage, a new poll has found.

The survey commissioned by Equality Texas and conducted by Glengariff Group, Inc. found that 47.9 percent of respondents support marriage equality, while 47.5 percent remain opposed.

That's nearly a 5 point drop in opposition since 2010, when a majority (52.7%) of respondents said they were opposed to such unions, while 42.7 percent said they were in favor.

A large majority (64.7%) in this week's survey said they favor civil unions.

Texans also support many other rights, the poll found, including the right to visit a partner in a hospital (90.9%), prohibiting workplace or housing discrimination based on sexual orientation (75.8%) and prohibiting workplace or housing discrimination based on gender identity (69.7%).

A separate poll also released on Thursday, the University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll, found a large majority of Texans favor either marriage (37%) or civil unions (28%) for gay and lesbian couples. Only 28 percent of respondents said the state should not recognize the relationships of gay couples.

One percent said that marriage equality is the most important “problem” facing America today. Twenty-four percent listed the economy as their top concern.