Ron Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, has called Republican opposition to gay rights “absurd.”

Reagan and Jimmy LaSalvia, the president of gay GOP group GOProud, appeared on MSNBC's Hardball to discuss a Supreme Court amicus brief filed by more than 80 Republicans in support of gay marriage.

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LaSalvia, whose group only recently came out in support of marriage equality, said conservatives have started thinking about the issue differently because “everybody has gay people in their lives now.”

Reagan said that the subject of gay rights remains a “huge problem for Jimmy's party, the Republican Party.”

“It's not just that they are hateful towards gay people, it's that they are ridiculous about this issue,” Reagan told host Chris Matthews. “Now you can be hated and people still respect you in some way, shape or form. But when you're absurd, when you're ridiculous about this kind of issue, you lack all credibility.”

LaSalvia neither defended Republicans nor clarified whether he believes gays are respected in the GOP. Instead he agreed with Matthews that the Republican Party's platform was anti-gay and should be changed.

“This issue crosses all demographic groups because gay people are in every single family. … As we look to build a conservative coalition that can win again, we have to take this into consideration,” LaSalvia answered. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)