The gay horror niche is getting a lot of attention lately. If you are a fan of the genre, then here is a short list of movies and shows on DVD you'll want to own.

Two men fall in love as they become addicted to electricity in Sean Abley's Socket.

Socket tells the story of two gay men, Bill and Craig, who acquire an addiction to electricity after being struck by lightning. The men find others who share their passion and in a cult-like fashion they feast on electricity together. Soon their addiction grows beyond their control. The men find themselves desperate to satisfy their cravings for greater voltage, eventually leading to murder.

The film is both dark and humorous. And includes some high-voltage sex scenes.

Socket is available on DVD now.

In director/screenwriter Lou Peterson's In The Blood a college jock comes-of-age as he discovers a foretelling gift when in the presence of handsome men.

Cassidy Clark comes to grips with bloody visions of his freshman sister while exploring his sexual preference. It is only while aroused that the college senior is able to channel his newly discovered visions. To save his sister from murder, Cassidy breaks-down the barriers that have kept him from revealing his true sexuality.

The movie's official website says of Peterson's style, “In The Blood offers a daring new concept while resurrecting the stylistic flourishes and melodrama of the best 1970s thrillers.”

In The Blood is slated for an April 29th DVD release.

Boyfriends Thom and Jonathan are ensnared into a vampire club while attempting to solve a series of murders in The Lair: The Complete First Season.

The Lair is a sex club for gay vampires run by super horny Damien. The series delivers with bloody plotlines, mysterious happenings, and hot sex scenes. Horrific fun!

The Lair's first season of six episodes was originally broadcast on gay cable channel 'here!' The network has already ordered a second season.

The Lair: The Complete First Season is available on DVD now.

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