A bartender, a go-go dancer and four patrons helped subdue an ax-wielding man at a Phoenix gay bar.

The incident occurred at the Oz bar early Sunday morning.

Lawrence Aguirre, 40, faces two counts of aggravated assault and one count of criminal damage over attacking staff and patrons at the bar with an ax. Aguirre, who was at the bar with his girlfriend, became angry after a bartender stopped serving him alcohol.

“I told him he was done, I couldn't serve him any more for the night … he got irate,” Adrian Carlos Maldonado told My Fox Phoenix. “After I escorted him out, he went out to the car, picked up an ax and came back at us.”

Maldonado held shut the door as Aguirre hit it with the ax.

Thinking Aguirre had left, Maldonado opened the door. He said Aguirre stormed in, threatening to “kill” him.

Aguirre dropped the ax when a go-go dancer seized him from behind, around the neck, and Maldonado hit him on the head with a pool cue. Four patrons helped hold Aguirre down until police arrived.