Actress Kelly McGillis has refused to comment on Jodie Foster's coming-out speech.

Foster has been criticized for giving a vague and rambling speech last month at the Golden Globes in which she repeatedly used the phrase “coming out” and described her former partner as her “ex-partner in love” but didn't actually say she is gay.

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When asked her thoughts on Foster's speech by gay glossy The Advocate, McGillis, who came out gay in 2009, refused to answer.

“No comment,” she said. “None of my business.”

The 55-year-old McGillis did discuss her role opposite Tom Cruise in the 1986 film Top Gun, which had its 3-D Blu-ray release earlier this month.

“I had a very good time with everyone on the film,” McGillis said. “There was a lot of really good camaraderie on the set.”

She said that the film made her “a household name in a lot of ways.” She also lamented the loss of the film's director, Tony Scott, who took his own life last year: “It's such a tremendous loss. He had such a visual gift.”

McGillis' latest film, Tio Papi, is currently in post-production.