A Kentucky llama farmer is on the ropes financially a year after being fired because he's gay.

BuzzFeed.com reported on Kevin (no last name given), who runs the LLA-Nanny Farms (Where Llamas are Loved!), an 18-acre farm that is home to llamas, cats, dogs, chickens, donkeys and dogs – more than 300 animals in total.

After working as a public school teacher for 15 years, Kevin retired to run his farm full-time. He returned to work as the director of a day care center in Ashland.

Kevin sued the center for wrongful termination after he was forced to resign. He said in a Facebook post that the judge hearing the case agreed that he had been treated unfairly but was unable to rule in his favor because Kentucky does not outlaw workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation.

“The judge threw my case out of the court, stated that he knew that I had been done wrong by my employer but in the great state of Ky. anyone can call you queer and twinkle toes and fire you and that there are no laws to protect you,” he wrote.

Now that unemployment has run out, Kevin said he risks losing his farm.