The Washington Post has defended itself from claims it's “pro-gay.”

In an editorial written by the Post's ombudsman, Patrick B. Pexton, the paper said its inbox is stuffed with emails from readers criticizing the paper's willingness to write openly and honestly about gay men and lesbians and the issues that affect them.

“The conservative, pro-family side gets short shrift,” one reader wrote, claiming that the paper “caters slavishly to Dupont Circle.”

An unidentified Post reporter replied: “The reason that legitimate media outlets routinely cover gays is because it is the civil rights issue of our time. Journalism, at its core, is about justice and fairness, and that's the 'view of the world' that we espouse; therefore, journalists are going to cover the segment of society that is not treated equally under the law.”

The reader dismissed the explanation, saying that “Journalism should be about accuracy and fairness.”

“Good journalism also means not demeaning conservatives as 'haters.'”

The reporter: “As for accuracy, should the media make room for racists, i.e. those people who believe that black people shouldn't marry white people? Any story on African-Americans wouldn't be wholly accurate without the opinion of a racist, right?”

Pexton concluded: “The Post should do a better job of understanding and conveying to readers, with detachment and objectivity, the beliefs and the fears of social conservatives.”