Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter has denied that gay men and lesbians are not allowed to marry in most states.

Coulter made her remarks during an appearance on Fox Business Network's Stossel which was taped at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C.

Students in the audience were heard booing to Coulter's reply to host John Stossel's question: “Why can't gays get married?”

“Well, they can. They have to marry a member of the opposite sex,” she replied.

“This is another one where you're just sucking up to liberals when there are big fights,” Coulter continued.

“No, we believe the individual should be left alone,” Stossel said.

“Marriage is the most important institution to civilize young people. I'd make divorce a lot more difficult. Liberals want to destroy the family,” Coulter answered.

In 2011, Coulter told a gay student that he has “no fewer rights than heterosexuals have,” adding that he could get married: “It just has to be a girl.”

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