The Plaza Hotel in New York City hosted its first gay wedding back in June.

The Plaza's neoclassic architecture and storied history makes it one of the most sought after wedding venues in America.

The wedding of Jason and Tony is lovingly captured in a recently released video shot by John Armendariz of NewYorkFilmworks. Additional images have been posted online by photographer Brian Hatton.

“Jason, you're my best friend, my companion, and greatest challenge,” Tony says in his vows.

“Where there has been cold, you brought warmth. Where my life was dark, you brought light. Tony, I pledge before everybody to be your husband. To love you, honor you, to cherish you until the end of our lives. Tonight we make two lives one life. We make two families one family. With you I'm whole,” Jason pledges.

Pointing to the couple's two children, the priest pronounces the men not a couple but a quartet. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

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