A pro-gay group has released an audio clip of Okla. Rep. Sally Kern which they claim is “irrefutable evidence” that the anti-gay Republican had made conciliatory remarks. Remarks she has since denied making.

Members of Oklahoma Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), a group devoted to supporting GLBT people, were elated when they were informed that Kern would meet with them to discuss her recently revealed anti-gay speech. The speech given to a group of about 50 Republicans in Oklahoma was posted on the video sharing website YouTube on March 7th by The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, a gay advocacy group that works to elect openly GLBT people. In the speech, Kern asserts that gays are dangerous to America, are indoctrinating young children to accept the homosexual lifestyle, and are infiltrating city councils. Kern was unaware that she was being recorded.

“I honestly think it's [homosexuality] the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam,” Kern tells her audience.

Kern was surprised by a swift firestorm of protest demanding an apology. Thousands of emails and phone calls, most condemning her speech, some threatening her life, flooded her office. Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund President Chuck Wolfe called for an apology in an editorial published on the Huffington Post website.

The Oklahoma chapter of PFLAG requested a meeting to discuss the situation. Kern refused interviews or meetings with any progressive media outlet or group, including PFLAG.

Kern agreed to a meeting only after approximately 300 PFLAG supporters held a rally at the Oklahoma Capital on March 18th.

The meeting took place on March 27th. A subsequent PFLAG press release reported that Kern agreed gays should not be fired because of sexual orientation. Kern later denied that she agreed that gays should not be fired from their jobs. The release also reported that Kern did not back down from her position or apologize.

In the 40 minute audio clip posted on YouTube.com, Sally Kern is heard agreeing with Dr. Rev. Kathy McCallie on the issue of job discrimination. McCallie asks why Kern labels gay activists' calls for equal rights a homosexual agenda. “The way I see it, Kathy, is that as Americans you have equality already. What you want is special rights for your lifestyle.” “What is special about wanting to have the right not be fired from your job?” “You should not be fired from your job because...,” Kern pauses, and McCallie asks, “Because I'm gay?” “Yeah, you shouldn't be,” Kern agrees. “So you would agree that I shouldn't be fired from my job because I'm gay?” Kern says, “You know here's what I think. We shouldn't be talking at our jobs. Teachers shouldn't be talking at school, whether we're heterosexual or homosexual. We're hired to do a job, we should do the job.”

In an email to On Top Magazine, PFLAG Director of Communications Steve Ralls said, “Kern's remarks during the PFLAG meeting were encouraging, but her remarks following the meeting, where she distanced herself from that progress, were quite disappointing.”