Gay marriage supporters in Ohio held a rally in Columbus on Valentine's Day.

The 3-hour rally took place outside the Franklin County Courthouse on High Street which houses, among other departments, the county's marriage license bureau. Some demonstrators took their protest to the marriage license department.

An effort to repeal the state's 2004 voter-approved constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual couples and legalize gay nuptials in Ohio began last year by the group Freedom to Marry Ohio. The group must collect roughly 385,000 valid signatures by July to qualify for this November's ballot.

“I'm getting excited,” Get Equal member Tom Morgan told “We're getting more and more endorsements. We've got a whole bunch of things in the works. I'm confident.”

Morgan brushed aside the concerns of Equality Ohio and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), both of which believe it's too soon to repeal Ohio's ban and have refused to publicly endorse the plan.

“It doesn't bother us at all. We've got many endorsements from labor, from politicians. We think that we are going forward. Regardless of whether we get their endorsements or not.”

“We were basically told by HRC that they would help us out when it was sure that it was a sure thing. And then they would sweep in and help us out. Gee, thanks,” Morgan added.