At a Valentine's Day rally in Minnesota, state Senator Scott Dibble pledged to introduce a bill legalizing gay marriage in the next week.

Dibble made his promise during a rally at the state Capitol in St. Paul which drew an estimated 1,000 supporters.

“I'm asking you to be brave again,” Dibble is quoted as saying by the Pioneer Press. “It is time for a conversation and [to] build a relationship with your legislator. Show them how much this matters.”

The push for marriage equality resumed Thursday in Minnesota after Democrats regained control of the Legislature and voters rejected a proposed constitutional amendment which sought to define marriage as a heterosexual union.

“It's important that they be treated equally,” said Mabel Galvin, who attended the rally in support of her gay son.

Opponents have said that supporters are confusing opposition to a ban for an endorsement of marriage equality.

“What actually the voters said was let's keep the status quo on our marriage law; that's what we want,” said Autumn Leva, spokeswoman for Minnesota for Marriage. “A vote on a marriage amendment to the constitution is very different than actually voting to define our marriage laws.”

Minnesota for Marriage will hold a rally at the Capitol urging lawmakers to oppose the law on March 7.