An effort to legalize gay marriage in Hawaii is likely on hold until next year after lawmakers failed to take action on the measure.

Thursday was the deadline for the Hawaii State Legislature to schedule hearings for all bills referred to two committees.

The Hawaii House Judiciary Committee decided against hearing a proposed marriage equality bill, HB1109. The committee chairman told reporters that there is insufficient support on the panel to advance the measure to the House, according to the Star Advertiser.

Hawaii United for Marriage pledged to increase its resolve over the next year.

“In Hawaii, respect for ohana is fundamental, and Hawaii United for Marriage is resolute in our mission to win marriage equality in our state,” the group said in a statement. “We commit today to expanding the conversation, strengthening our coalition and uniting the people of Hawaii behind the vision that all families – gay or straight – should receive equal treatment under the law. We look forward to continuing our mission to ensure passage of the bill.”

“We thank President Obama, Hawaii's Congressional delegation, Governor Abercrombie, Mayor Caldwell, our allies in the Legislature, and the thousands of supporters who took action and spoke out for fairness.”

“Today is not the end of our work; it is merely a continuation of the struggle that started 20 years ago when Hawaii took its first steps on a long journey toward equal treatment for same-sex couples, sparking a nationwide (and worldwide) push for marriage equality.”